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PostSubject: Laveta......   Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:17 am

Name: Laveta

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Fighting Style: Laveta battles long ranged because she crumbles in close-range. Though she is mentally strong, she isn't physically. Up-close combat makes her nervous and she often tenses up when faced with this situation. She can fight up close, but only under extenuating circumstances. It has to be of vital importance and she will overcome that fear to help whomever needs it.

Element: Holy.

Race: Human

Home World: Halloween Town.

Basic Weapon: Pearl Moon Staff

Weapon Type: Staffs, spell books, power of the mind (xD).

Personality: Laveta's mood is random. She can be really hyper on second, then quiet the next. It depends on her mood. She tries not to get angry, but she hasn't been holding that promise to herself as of late. A coffee-lover, she also loves to read and write stories occasionally. Music is the main element in her life. She couldn't live without it. Also, she loves to sit by herself with some peace and quiet. Being separated from the hectic drama of real life to give her time to think is her greatest escape. Laveta is also extremely pessimistic, even if it doesn't show sometimes.

Appearance:Laveta's hair is jet-black and about shoulder-length. She mainly has it pulled into pigtails with ribbons and adorns a skull hair clip. Her eyes are a striking shade of purple and can portray almost all of her emotions, which is her biggest flaw. She has black fishnet gloves and wears a clack cross necklace along with her own necklace, made of beads. She wears a dark blue/black dress and has a ribbon attached to the hem of the skirt.

History:Laveta's appearance is deceiving. Some people look at her at get a little weirded out because of what she wears. As a child, she was very active, always moving around, getting into some kind of trouble or another. Half the time, her parents could barely keep up with her. As she grew older, she still had the same adventurous spirit, but found a way to contain it. As far as they knew at the time, the only thing that could keep Laveta contained was reading. She had developed a tremendous library over the years and it keeps growing as time goes. Sometimes if she can't sleep, she'd slip out of her room with a book and climb through her window to sit and read until the sun came up, though few people noticed. The older she got, however, the more interested she became in spell casting and started hunting down books. When she found books that were in languages she didn't understand, she set out to translate them, even learning a few languages along the way. Laveta still kept in very close contact with her parents, writing them letters whenever possible and dropping in on them just to say hi. She's kept her friends close, and hasn't forgotten about any of them, even the ones that have since left her behind. It seems her personality has changed because she no longer thinks the way she used to. Her view of reality has become warped and can no longer tell the difference between what's a dream and what's real. As a result, her mind has become incredibly unfocused and has started to drift away from her friends. Unable to control her mind, she's spent more time isolated now than ever and she sees how it's affecting her life. She knows when it all started, when her personality changed incredibly, but she doesn't point out the reason as to why. The thought haunts her every day, even in her dreams and it won't go away. She's learning to live with it, but sometimes it gets hard.

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PostSubject: Re: Laveta......   Tue Dec 23, 2008 4:30 pm


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