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 Felonix - The Flaming Vigilante

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PostSubject: Felonix - The Flaming Vigilante   Thu Dec 25, 2008 6:41 am

Name: Felonix
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Fighting Style:
Element: Darkness
Race: Nobody
Home World: The World that Never Was
Basic Weapon: Lost Memoirs

Weapon Type: Swords, Daggers, Keyblades
Personality: Felonix is very good at faking emotions around others, although he usually won't exert the effort necessary. He best fakes sorrow and anger, and 'loves' to manipulate others. He is often reclusive and would rather avoid others rather than befriend them.
Appearance: Felonix has long silver hair which goes beyond his waist. He wears a silver jacket with a black flame design towards the bottom. Both his pants and jacket are slightly torn from many battles. He occasionally wears a mask over his face, but sometimes decides against it. His left eye has a scar down the side of it, and his eyes are two different colors. His right eye is a bright red, whereas his left eye is pitch black. He has a rather muscular build.
History: Elonif and his master were training one day. The keyblade master had a dark secret, but Elonif was never told, nor did he ever ask. His parents had abandoned him when he was very young, and the old master took him in, teaching him in the ways of sword fighting, one day revealing the mysterious keyblade to young Elonif. He stayed with the man until he was 17, sparring everyday. Once, the master came to Elonif, telling him of a dark secret he held, but Elonif shook it off. Then the old master simply disappeared. Strange things began to happen to the town where Elonif lived, and he among few others who were capable, stood up to defend it. Leading the attacking front of heartless was his old master. Elonif rushed forward, not wishing to harm the old man, but willing to stop his attacks in any way possible. The old man's skill was too much for Elonif, and he was pushed back to the edge of the cliff. The master apologized for what he had to do. Elonif, curious, let his guard down long enough for the old man to attack, hitting Elonif across the face, over his left eye. Elonif was knocked back off the cliff as his master jumped after him. grabbing his body and consuming them both in darkness.

-A Few days later-
Felonix woke on the ground, not knowing where or who he was. A strange weapon was stuck into the ground next to him, it resembled a sword with a keychain on the end of it. A note was attached to the top. "Felonix, I am sorry, but my darkness has consumed me in my only attempt to save you. You are a special being, now holding the ability to use this weapon in any necessary situation. Simply will it to return to you, and it shall. Farewell, my student," Felonix stood, trying to determine what exactly had happened. He felt no pain, rather, he felt nothing at all. He picked up the weapon and was filled with it's knowledge. "Keyblade...' he mumbled to himself. The weapon disappeared almost as soon as he had picked it up. He began to walk into the distance, looking for any sort of life. He came upon an old hermit's shack, who welcomed Felonix and taught him about the darkness that had replaced his heart. Now Felonix searches for clues and answers to who he was and who he is now.

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PostSubject: Re: Felonix - The Flaming Vigilante   Fri Dec 26, 2008 1:20 am


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Felonix - The Flaming Vigilante
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