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 1st Class SOLDIER: Lunarix Strife ((2nd Amigo))

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PostSubject: 1st Class SOLDIER: Lunarix Strife ((2nd Amigo))   Wed Jan 07, 2009 11:07 pm

Name: Lunarix Strife
Age: 20
HP: 120
MP: 80
Special Attacks:
  1. Octaslash : (90Hp) Cost=(50 Mp + 25 Hp)
  2. Chain Slash : (30 Hp) Cost=(20 Mp)
  3. Rush Assault : (80 Hp) Cost=(40 Mp + 20 Hp)
  4. Meteor Shots : (70 Hp) Cost=(60 Mp)
  5. Apocalypse : (110Hp) Cost=(70 Mp + 25 Hp)

History: Lunarix was the one of two twins in the Strife family. She has two brothers, her older one Cloud and her Twin Lunix. She grew up in a small backwash town called Niebleheim. She had met Tifa out there in her younger years, making her a close friend and so did Cloud. At age 18, Cloud and Lunix had moved on and Lunarix was traveling to midgar. There she joined Shinra and became a SOLDIER 3rd Class level 1. Through the years she trained with Sephiroth and Genesis. The best 1st class soildiers around. She and Sephi had grown a close relationship and so did her and Genesis and then when the day came and she had become a 2nd Class. She was to move on, With Angeal and Zack Fair. She had went thorugh mission after mission with them. Including the accident at Nieblehiem, the disapearance of Genesis and the Disapearance of Angeal, Hojo and Hollander. After all this she did not become a 1st Class but she watched the fall of shinra, the destruction of the Jenova beings and the Death of Zack Fair. After some many years later she lived in the ruins of Migar. She began to travel again but came back with Geostigma. When she returned Sephiroth had come back and Once again she helped her brother defeat him. Riding her and others of Geostigma. Now even with all that on her mind she continues her travels. Later on she began protecting the president of SHinra. Rufus SHinra with the remaining turks. Togther they are bringing Shinra Back. Also she recently gained her promotion to 1st Class after the return of Shinra. She was the first of many to work for the new Shinra. Now that she had her job back, SHe still had her family and She had met so many New friends in her many battles against the Jenova Acients. With all this happening the Geostiigma returned. Now she hides her pain with the geostigma and she hangs around Shinra Mansion in Neiblehiem researching in the Basement Lab and Office, shes slowly walking in Sephiroth's steps...... She has done alot of research on Jenova and the other projects and now decides to take on her role as the sucessor SOLDIER of Sephiroth.....Continuing his legacy with Honor and Pride. She continues on her journey for many things. Forgetting her friends more and more along the way.

Theme Song:
What I've Done


~Sword: The Second Masamune~

Hometown: Nieblehiem
Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 160
Race: Jenova Cell Infused Human
Personality: Caring to others, Outgoing, Overprotective
Likes: Axis and Kairi, LOVELESS Poetry
Dislikes: Training, Her Past
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1st Class SOLDIER: Lunarix Strife ((2nd Amigo))
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