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 Sirrush The Chaos Dragon

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Ren Hitaro

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PostSubject: Sirrush The Chaos Dragon   Fri Jan 09, 2009 8:36 pm

Name: Sirrush the Chaos Dragon
Requirements: Must be wielding Midnight Edge
Cost: 25% Ren's HP and 10% Ren's MP
Quantity: 1 Huge Dragon
Element: Darkness
Torpedo 1/10th current HP
Infernox 10% opponents max HP
Claw 5 times Rens keyblade damage
Bite roll 2 dice, if total is equal to 2,3,4,10,11,12 then instantly kill the opponent.. If not, inflict poison {20} on them.
Tail Slap Inflict Paralyze for 5 posts.
Chaox Deals 50% of all enemys max HP in damage to them. Sirrush sacrifices himself.

HP: 5 times Ren's HP
MP: 4 times Ren's MP
Life: 6

History: Ren was using her keyblade to fight off some shadows while in the sands of time, when somehow she stuck her keyblade into a notch that was the times of Ancient Babylon, and it sucked into Sirrush, a dragon from that time period that caused chaos. It is kept safe inside her keyblade, and obeys her command when summoned.

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Sirrush The Chaos Dragon
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