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 Zack Fair(done)

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PostSubject: Zack Fair(done)   Wed Jan 28, 2009 2:53 am

Name: Zack
Age: 22
Gender: male
Fighting Style: Zack fights a lot like Cloud would. He fights with great speed and strength. He is a close ranged fighter.
Element: light
Race: Human
Home World: Radiant Garden
Basic Weapon: Buster Sword
[Does 10 Damage per level]
Weapon Type:Sword
Personality: Zack is a very nice guy, and a strong one as well. He will do just about anything for Soldier and his friends. He is a great friend, and that explains way he is in soldier. He is a great speaker and likes to talk his leader, He speaks a lot of his Honor and Dreams
Appearance: Zack has long black spiky hair. He has a scar under his right eye, which happens to be a battle scar. He wears Black cloths, that have been seen one a few other people, showing some sort of power. His outift contist of black metal shoulders. He wears brown straps on his chest, to his pants, which also happen to be black. He wears what it seems like, two black belts. His gloves reach all the way to to the tips of his fingers, and they are black. His shoes are black as well. Finally he carries around a huge sword, called the Buster sword that he hardly ever uses.
History: Zack began his stay here in a small island where he grew up to be a strong young man. He soon joined a speaical orgainzation that was a fighting group. They were paid to fight. He spent the next few years there, training under a man with the same sword he uses today. While training with this man, another memeber broke off and brought a lot of other memebers with him. This man, casued a lot of chaos for this fighting group. However, this man was also Zack's Leaders friend and he soon went with him. He then had to stop the two, but he did not wish to kill them. However he ended up killing his leader, which was planned, he obtained what now is the buster sword. Zack has now become friends with the one named Cloud. He waits his days in the Radiant Gardens
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PostSubject: Re: Zack Fair(done)   Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:23 pm

...just to let you know, Radient Garden doesn't exist. I think you're talking about RUINOUS Garden. Check the world list for further details.

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Zack Fair(done)
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