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 Ralexi Rosewood

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PostSubject: Ralexi Rosewood   Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:50 pm

Name: ralexi (eliar rosewood)
Age: unknown, but believed to be more than a normal lifespan.
Gender: apparent male.
Fighting Style: however he wants to.
Element: supposed non-elemental.
Race: nobody (or so he says).
Home World: the world that never was.
Basic Weapon: harbinger. (hiryu.)
Weapon Type: uses all available.
Personality: depending on the given situation at hand he can act as though he had known the person for years or as though he's never even seen the person. most of the time, contradictorily, it depends on who he is with. as most nobodies he has a calm exterior and is not one to pick a fight with the obvious stronger, but there are few stronger than him. he uses so many weapons that even he can not keep track of them all, but his signature two are the 'harbinger' and 'hiryu.' being leader of all nobodies left his common exposure signifies that he can never be undermined, never be anticipated, nor even ever be expected.
History: someone was murdered. how? it didn't matter. when? no one cared. why? no one knew. but it happened, sure enough. it happened, and no one paid any mind to it. if not for the kid running into the middle of the street and screaming bloody murder no one would have even known. the dead man was inspected by the doctor. no head, no blood, no guts. nothing bu the empty shell of a body left on the floor. he then brought the boy going by the name of 'eliar rosewood' to the psychiatrist. with further inspection, the town and the doctor came upon but a single decision: the boy was to be banished from the town as to prevent him from murdering any more people. rolling down the side of the hill, he barely survived (though he did) and came across his first weapon, the harbinger. his second was found on the same day and was called 'hiryu' through his eyes. with these two blades in hand, he went back to that town. exactly twenty-nine hours later he was the only one to walk out. but this cost him dearly. cost him more than he knew. by doing this eliar gave into the power of the darkness within his heart, and began to test out things. he began to study about the stars in an attempt to figure out just why they where disappearing. again. and again. one would go out. then another. week after week, they'd go out and never reappear. when he finally figured it out things were too late. he was engulfed in darkness only to be corrupted and yet purified by the darkness within his heart. trapped within his heart, he let the darkness in so he could get out. he turned into a heartless, but remained whole. without a heart of his own at the very least. realizing his potential and the reasoning of this in but a nanosecond, eliar rosewood changed his name to 'ralexi' in honor of organization xiii from so long ago. he left the world through a new found power of his - portals. to this day, he doesn't know what became of it for he now lives on the world that never was reconstructed by himself.

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PostSubject: Re: Ralexi Rosewood   Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:51 pm


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Ralexi Rosewood
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