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 Seeker Blade

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Ren Hitaro

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PostSubject: Seeker Blade   Fri Mar 13, 2009 9:33 pm

Name: Seeker Blade
Cost: 10MP
Technique: Concentrate
Range: 1
Element: Depends on enemy.
Effect: Attacks the enemy with their elemental weakness. Takes 2 posts to cast. Ren takes only 50% DAMAGE during the charging post.
Damage: 1.5 Ren's normal damage. (Before elemental doubling)
History: Ren was trying to figure out the old forgotten skill of scan, that way she could make better use of her talents. It turned out oddly though, she can concentrate on one enemy, and then with her next move, she can deal a strike that deals 3 times her normal damage, by using a charge attack/elemental weakness combo. Ren uses this skill whenever possible.

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Seeker Blade
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