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 The Rules!

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PostSubject: The Rules!   Mon Nov 17, 2008 10:44 pm

Everything has rules, and here are the rules for this site:

  1. No cursing.
    Please keep cursing to a zero, if you must use it, use it once in a blue moon in RPs, not every other post. If this becomes part of your daily vocabulary I will be adding censors, changing the foul word from what ever it was to "I lika the pottie"
  2. Elements
    Elements Include: Fire, Water, Earth, Ice, Thunder, Air, Light, Dark. Unless it says otherwise, you can only use ONE of THESE elements. Thank you.
  3. No posting in creation topics unless a mod or admin
    If you post in these topics you will be given a warning and your posts deleted. If it happens again you could suffer a level drop. Even if you are a moderator you could still drop a level if you post something that does not need to be there. Having conversations not relevant to the topic is not allowed. If you need to talk to that person send them a PM, don't violate the rules to do so. One way to get you noticed for being a mod is not violating the rules and posting something in the creation topic.
  4. Worlds
    There are currently about 49 worlds on this site and each one has a specific amount of posts you must meet in order to join it. As you can see the first three worlds require three posts to enter. This is to make sure you create a character, and maybe a weapon and skills. Creating a character does not only take up one post, remember that admins and mods might tell you that you have to fix something, and to inform us you fixed it, you are allowed to post something like, "Fixed", "Done", "How's that" and so on.
  5. Skills
    You can pretty much have any skill you can think of, just make sure no one else has it. You can not have skills with cannon specific names, be more original than that. The only thing about skills is that you can not create multiple skills in one post, please split them up. This is to help admins count up your skills later and for you to make absolute links to that specific skill. You can not make skills that will allow you to use anyone else's skills in any way, shape, or form.
  6. God-modding
    No one likes a god moder and if you are reported as one you could have a variety of things done. One is you could could be asked to stop by an admin or moderator and given a consequence if you should do it again. Another is you could be brutally killed by an admin who has the skills of a God. One is less humiliating and most of the time you might not get that one, so just don't do it and save yourself.
  7. Fighting another member
    Fighting doe not only have to be in the arena and you could fight with someone in any world, any topic you want. When fighting, the creator of the fight can make up any rules he wants. This can mean extra health and extra damage to attacks. Just remember that when in other admins created battles, you wont have the extra additions you created in other fights.
  8. Events
    When in an event, you have to be here on that day for that item. If you miss the day and start whining to an admin about how you missed it, and if you can get the item, then you could miss out on the next item. We could give you a warning about it as well, but be cautious with how you ask and when. Events are distributed by admins only, and only admins know when another one will happen. If you hear from another user about an event, they could be lying. Even Mods could be lying at times, but they are only messing with you, just ignore them.
  9. No strong sexual references
    A kiss or hug here or there is alright. In some topics you could make out a little bit as well, but if you are asked to stop and the person means it. Not them going, "ew thats sick" or, "take that in another room, get your own room." When asked to stop please, this means please stop and take it somewhere else where people are more comfortable with you doing so. There will be nothing other then kissing for kids young as 14-12 can get to these sites. We don't want to be filling their young minds with things they should not know for another good few years.
  10. Requesting to be an mod or admin
    Do NOT ask to be a mod or admin. period. We'll choose you based on performance.
  11. Fighting in OOC
    Unlike fighting in a topic when you're your character fighting another's with weapons and skills, fighting someone as yourself with words will not be taken lightly. Depending on how serious, you may be visited by many admins about the issue and you could be banned from the site for a few days, or more, or permanently. If you are planing on quitting, then please just quit. Don't make admins have to stop what they are doing just to go to the fight and stop it, just to find out you were only fighting everyone who pissed you off just before you left. If you would like everyone to know how you felt about them before you leave then post up something in the chatroom, but not fight with them. When quitting, do not request an admin to remove your account from the site or ban it in any way. Simply leave the site. Maybe in a few days you will miss us and decide to come back, then stay for another few months. Coming back to an account that you left is much better then starting all over. Coming back to an old account, rather then making a new one, could also help you stay even longer, because you know you wont go from being as strong as you were, to a noob again.
  12. Banning
    When banned, you might receive a message in the email account registered under your character telling you why you were banned and for how long. If it is a permaban you can create another account and avoid what you did this time. There isn't many things you can be banned for, so when you are banned you need to make sure you dont do it again. If you do create a new account and happen to do the same thing, you could have your IP banned, and then you may only create accounts from libraries or other computers. This could be your last chance to keep your stay here. If in the event you are banned and you have not been given a reason, you may contact the admins from their email addresses, they will be listed at the bottom of the post. We request you only email us for emergencies and not to talk. PM us if you would like to talk.
  13. Adding Rules
    Admins reserve the right to make changes and add on any new rules when they see something is not going correctly to their eyes. It must be taken up with the other admins to be voted on if it involves changing a rule, so one admin can not reserve the right to totally screw over a rule in the future. When you see an admin doing so, report him/her to any other admins. Reporting the admin to all admins means your issue will be looked at faster, but it also means if the admin had the right to, you will be getting a bunch of posts from every admin about how that admin was able to do what he/she has done. So when reporting an admin, make sure you know that for every message you send, you will be getting the same amount back.
  14. Closure
    And there you have it, please enjoy your stay here and respect one another like family here. I would love to see no fights here, just us all having fun.
  15. Emails of Admin(s)
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The Rules!
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