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 Nex Angelus, The Death Bringer (Approved)

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PostSubject: Nex Angelus, The Death Bringer (Approved)   Thu Nov 20, 2008 11:47 pm

Name: Nex Angelus, The Death Bringer

Age: 16, chronologically 400.

Gender: Male

Fighting Style: Many types of martial arts, and if that fails, he just blasts you.

Element: Darkness

Race: Demon/Human

Home World: Ancient Earth

Basic Weapon: Scythe of Death

Weapon Type: Scythes, spears

Personality: Hates almost everything, but is currently happy with the apocalyptic-class destruction.

Appearance: Nex's appearance has drastically changed after the war due to his power changing his appearance. His hair is still black but it goes down to his shoulders now, and the tips of the back of his hair constantly burn. His eyes have become completely red at all times. His teeth have become sharper, and his normal shirt has turned into a black trenchcoat. His black pants barely cover the top of his black shoes. Four skeletal wings replaced the two devil wings.

History: Nex was a nameless orphan, his mother died giving birth on a world which was slowly falling apart due to corruption, war, and the loss of natural resources. When his high-school was destroyed he was drafted into the army at age 16 due to a law which stated that all without a high-school education must be drafted. Unknown to him at the time was that the gods had already determined that he would be attacked, and killed, by a large dragon. On that day when he when he went to war, the dragon attacked him. Nex sliced the creatures stomach open, which surprised the gods. They killed him by causing a horse to run over him and brought him up to Heaven, he was disgusted at all of humanity and the gods did not want to kill humans themselves so they made him the Angel of Death and gave him their powers that allowed them to kill the humans and take their souls. Soon, he escaped the gods after seeing too many deaths, making the world immortal, but losing almost all of his powers in the process.

After many adventures and battles he was captured by the gods, and sent to trial. He pleaded insanity, and it was proven by his Insanity Form, where he attacked many people. He purposefully did this to distract the others while he began the slow process of locking away his powers deep inside of himself, unable to be reached unless he unlocks them. The Elder Gods grew angry, and fired him to the deepest level of hell, where the Devil himself resided. Nex unlocked his powers there, and became the Devil's servant, also killing people. He kept the name Angelus to remember his time with the angels, which would fuel his anger. His title changed from the Death Angel, to the Death Bringer, or The Exiled.

After the war, Nex has almost gotten to the level of Satan himself. The amount of power he gained during that time had warped his appearance. He is now on the brink of insanity, and will kill anyone if he has to.
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PostSubject: Re: Nex Angelus, The Death Bringer (Approved)   Thu Nov 20, 2008 11:54 pm

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Nex Angelus, The Death Bringer (Approved)
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