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 Ren's Backpack

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Ren Hitaro

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Element: Water

PostSubject: Ren's Backpack   Sun Nov 23, 2008 9:20 pm

Bark Chip x3
Moldy Pine x1
Strong Oak x1
Driftwood x0
Oak Root x3

Metal Pouch:
Copper x3
Iron x0
Gold x1
Scrap Metal x1

Fabric Pouch:
Fine Wool x3
Snakeskin x2

Magicite Pouch:
Body Cettyl x2
Fire Stone x1
Dark Stone x5
Water Stone x2
Soul Sphere [Chibi] x1

Flora Pouch:
Small Root x7
Red Rose x2

Philtre Pouch:
Purified Water x2
Unpurified Ether x4

Bone Pouch:
Dog Bone x2
Snake Fang x1

Weapons Pouch:
Copper Tailblade (20 Atk, -10 Mag, 15 Res, 1 Materia Slot)
Valor Form (Dual Wield, Attack 2x, Full HP/MP recovery)

Iron Snake :: 25 Atk, 10 Def, -5 Mag, 15 Res, 2 Speed, 2 Materia Slots, Poison [10] for 2 posts per hit

Armor Pouch:
Goldbone Serpentplate (95 Def, -10 Res, +10 Atk, +5 Mag, -3 Speed, 5 Materia Slots)
Curaga (Heals 25% Max HP)
Firaga (Deals 100 Fire Damage)
Blizzaga (Deals 100 Ice Damage)
Thundaga (Deals 100 Thunder Damage,)
Regenga (Heals 10% Max HP per post for 15 posts)

Items Pouch:
Hi-Potion x1
Grenade x1

Curaga x1 (1 in use)
Firaga x1 (1 in use)
Blizzaga x1 (1 in use)
Thundaga x1 (1 in use)
Regenga x1 (1 in use)
Valor Form x1 (1 in use)


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Ren's Backpack
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