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 Chase Adrian Tepes

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PostSubject: Chase Adrian Tepes   Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:43 am

*(I added the theme because I felt like it =P)

Name: Chase Tepes

HP: 100

MP: 100

Special Attacks:
Hellfire: 10 per fireball (Current amount: 1)
Dhampir's Wrath: 20
Thousand Daggers: 30
Hydro storm: 40
Grand Cross: 45

History: Chase was born in Twilight town. He didn’t know his parents because they abandoned him at birth, but this didn’t bother him much, as he found living on the streets of Twilight Town to be more interesting than having to be cooped up in a house for a good duration of the day. He showed signs of DID at age 7, when he finally managed to accumulate enough munny to enroll himself into school. The first instance where one of his alternate personalities showed up was when he was being bullied by some local kids and he got smacked across the face, causing his “Bruiser” persona to surface. As the bullying turned into fighting, Chase, or “Bruiser”, almost beat one of the bullies to death with his bare hands before he was knocked unconscious. This is when Jack came into his life. Because, contrary to his supposed memories, Jack wasn’t the brother of the famed SOLDIER 1st Zack Fair, but in fact was the son of the original owners of the now-abandoned Twilight Town Mansion, and this caused their two lives to become forever intertwined until death. After Chase had been knocked out, Jack jumped into the fight with a STRUGGLE bat and came to Chase’s defense. He dared the kids to attack and took a fighting stance, but not before helping Chase off the ground and handing him a weapon. Chase nodded in thanks and took a battle stance as well, and the two managed to drive off Chase’s attackers. Chase shook Jack’s hand and thanked him, complimenting his style of fighting. Jack returned the favor and asked if Chase had a place to live, to which Chase replied no and hung his head low in shame. Jack thought for a minute and offered Chase the chance to live with him. Chase immediately perked up and accepted Jack’s offer, and moved in with him. As the two grew up together, they began treating each other as siblings, and seemed to enjoy the other’s company. But unfortunately, Chase’s happiness was not to last, for Jack’s parents were becoming worried that Chase might grow up to be a dangerous individual and didn’t want to see him cause harm to himself or anyone else. This became the catalyst which would cause Chase to despise Jack and join the group only known as the “Bird of .”

After Chase was cast out of his adoptive home, he became more bitter toward everyone around him, which in turn just isolated him even more. Around the time he turned 13, he was approached by a girl with teal-colored hair and a strange ring shaped weapon (No, it is NOT a chakram). She offered him a chance to join the organization she belonged to, to which Chase rejected the first 5 times he was asked. The 6th time the girl approached him, she skipped the questions and went straight on the offensive. Chase had a battle worn long sword that he swiped from the mansion at the time, but it didn’t hold out for long. After a flurry of dance-like attacks, the sword shattered into millions of pieces, leaving Chase defenseless. Seeing no other way out, he finally accepted the girl’s offer on the condition that he worked with no one and that he could come and go as he pleased. The girl accepted his terms and took him to the organization’s Twilight Town base of operations. Chase was issued an arming sword and a rapier based around a fencer’s foil because he refused to, as he would put it, “Be forced to learn a whole new bag of tricks.” After a month or so of practice, Chase was issued his first . It was apparently high-profile, because when he got into position, he noticed that the armed escort for his target was fairly large. When the girl arrived to give him his on-site briefing, Chase quickly realized his mistake in joining the Bird of and his 2nd personality surfaced. He calmly told the girl to a message on to their superiors, stating that “After this job, I better not see one single ring blade, or there’s going to be hell to pay.” The girl shook her head in disapproval, but left to deliver the message anyway. Chase, or “Zach”, as the persona called itself, jumped off the building and charged into the convoy, killing guards and soldiers left and right, not stopping even once to look at the carnage and bloodshed he left in his path. When he reached the middle of the escort, he pulled the one soldier that seemed different out of the crowd and knocked him unconscious, dragging him to the mansion, which at this place in time, had been abandoned for months, and was just a rotting reminder of Chase’s past life. As soon as the soldier woke up, “Zach” greeted him with a cold hello and wiped his rapier on the , cleaning the blood off of it’s blade. The soldier pulled his helmet off to reveal the disgusted yet surprised face of Jack, Chase’s adoptive brother and former friend. He unsheathed his sword and raised it at “Zach”, who reacted by jumping up from the rock he was sitting on and dealing two consecutive blows to Jack’s right cheek, giving Jack the X-shaped scar he spots now. Jack retaliated with a reluctant lunge, which managed to slice off Chase‘s right arm. “Zach” then tripped Jack and looked him in the eyes, warning him that next time they met, he would kill Jack without hesitation. Chase then regained control and looked away from his “brother” with contempt, turning to make his leave. As Chase walked off, Jack stood up and sighed, looking up at the sky as it began to rain, muttering the words “So they were right…”

Over the next few months, Chase dove deeper into insanity and depression as he became more cold and willing to kill, as if something was trying to take control of him. Something was. And it eagerly wanted to kill as many people as possible. Chase, in desperation, closed himself off in a small house in the 3rd District of Traverse Town, spending the next few years in self-imposed captivity, only leaving the house when he needed food. By the time he reached his current age (17), Chase was now partially in control of his personalities. He could somewhat influence his actions while under the control of his different personas, but he still couldn’t influence when they took control. Feeling that maybe he shouldn’t exist, he contemplated suicide, but before he came to a decision, a envelope was slipped under the entrance to the house, Jack’s signature written on it. Chase took the envelope and opened it, reading the letter. It read, “Chase, I don’t know who you are or why I remember your name, let alone you in general, but for some reason, it feels like I need to apologize for something. I don’t know what it is, but I know it’s something that caused you to despise me… So, I’m sorry for whatever pain I might’ve caused you. But I have something else I feel I need to say: Don’t be bitter toward everyone else just because of what I did. There are people you can trust, and apparently I’m not one of them… Sincerely, Jack.” Chase sighed as he crumbled up the letter in his hand and tossed it into the dim fire, the only thing that provided light in the entire house. He spent one more day in the house before he decided to go out into the world he had missed once again. Chase has recently been spotted sulking near the Twilight Town mansion multiple times, as if he were waiting for someone…

Over the course of a few months, Chase has been cured of his personality disorder, has learned to control the Nightmare form he "inherited" from Jack and has become somewhat notorious in some places, while becoming famous in others.

About 100 years before the war destroyed the worlds, Chase discovered that he was a descendant of the vampire, Dracula, and that since he is 18, he will no longer age and live forever (Granted, unnatural means of death can still kill him). Intrigued by this, he studied all he could about his bloodline. But unfortunately, a man named Julius had discovered Chase's secret and decided it'd be best for mankind if he buried Chase alive. Of course, Chase didn't go without a fight, and mortally wounded this "Julius" before finally being forced into the coffin. Buried in the Twilight Town mansion's courtyard, Chase would remain there until he was discovered by someone...

Description: Chase has a very interesting appearance. His hair starts off as a right-sided part and then goes into a sort of curtained style, covering most of the upper right half of his face. His natural hair color is Auburn, but he usually dyes it so that the right half is blood red and the left side is green, mirroring his Heterochromatic eye colors. His hair goes down to where the shoulder meets the neck. As stated before, Chase is a Heterochromatic, meaning that both of his eyes are a different color. His right eye is ruby red and his left eye is emerald green. His skin is a ghostly pale and he is fairly thin, but he does have some muscle on him. Chase is missing his right arm, so he had it replaced with a clockwork arm and attached a plate mail arm to cover it. He wears a jet black top, along with a pair of baggy sweat pants that are a purplish red and a pair of steel-toed army boots. Over all of that he wears a jet black leather jacket with sleeves that form into gloves when they reach the wrists (At times, he may wear this jacket like a cloak). On his head, he wears an earring in his left ear that has a stainless steel .45 ACP bullet hanging off of it. Around his neck, he wears a chain, a set of three blood-stained dog tags dangling off it, one reading “RAT PATROL TEAM 01”, the second reading “For Tony Redgrave. By .45 Art Warks”, and the third one reading “Les Enfants Terribles." When in colder areas, Chase wears pair of winter gloves, a jet black beanie, and he trades in his leather jacket for a red winter coat with a fur collar. On rare occasions, Chase can be found sporting gigantic bat wings.

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Dhampir
Theme*: Darkness of Fear

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PostSubject: Re: Chase Adrian Tepes   Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:34 am

Approval granted!

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Chase Adrian Tepes
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