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 Goma ~ Ren's 2nd Amigo

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PostSubject: Goma ~ Ren's 2nd Amigo   Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:53 pm

Name: Goma
HP: 180
MP: 100
Special Attacks:
  1. Knife : 1/5th Goma's max HP (5MP)
  2. Potion : Heals 30 HP (5MP)
  3. Ether : Heals 30MP (5HP)
  4. Vanish : Goma can't be attacked for 5 posts (60 MP)
  5. Stoneblade : Inflicts Addle Status for 2 posts and deals damage equal to HP/MP sacrificed (sacrifice all remaining MP and half remaining HP)

History: Goma was once named Kyle. That was - until he was attacked by Syn. After the attack he was mysteriously transported into the future. He landed in the sandlot of twilight town a week before the attack, however while his thoughts were in English - everything he said came out in Al-Bhed. Ashori was the only one who could understand him. The two became quick friends, but when she escaped the blast that destroyed their world - he did not. It physically altered his appearance so that he no longer looked like the 14 year old Ashori knew several years back, but now he looks around 17 - closer to the same age as Ren and approximately 2 years older then Ashori is.
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Goma ~ Ren's 2nd Amigo
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