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 Black Shadow

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Alex Kazema
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PostSubject: Black Shadow   Thu Nov 27, 2008 5:11 am

Name: Black Shadow
Element: Flare
Type: A sleek jet-black Chopper
Damage: Each rocket [out of 4 on each side] do 10 Damage.
Flare Rockets - 15 Damage [DR of even]
History: After noticing his..."lack" of transportation, he "bought" and old junker chopper. It looked like it was nice in its hayday. But, it really needed some tune-ups. He took it into his garage, and everyday, he worked on it. He lowered the handlebars, made it lower to the ground for more aerodynamics and speed, and then he customized it with Midnight Blue "X" lookind decals, on the front wheel cover thing and on the back, just behind the seat. He installed NoS for that little "oomph" when he was in trouble. Unfortunately, he didn't put weapons on it, and one day riding through town, was attacked. His bike was trashed, so he fixed it up with rockets.

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Ren Hitaro

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PostSubject: Re: Black Shadow   Thu Nov 27, 2008 7:09 am

Flare isn't an element. I'm going to assume you mean Fire. Rules state that a max of 1/5 your HP for the damage. And if you want more then one weapon, you're going to have to purchase extras at the gummi boosters store.

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Black Shadow
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