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 Custom Orders

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PostSubject: Custom Orders   Thu Nov 27, 2008 7:55 am

How to custom order weapons is a simple process. You need two or three 'Loot' Objects to create a weapon which then becomes available to you.
For example, to create a helmet you need a type of metal, a skin, and a timber
If you combined the following:
Skin: Soft Leather (+10 Def, -1 Materia)
Timber: Bark Chips (+5 Str, +10 Mag, 1 Materia)
Metal: Copper (+5 Def, -5 Res)

You would get this:
Copper Barkhelm (+5 Str, +15 Def, +10 Mag, -5 Res, 0 Materia Slots)

If you combined:
Skin: Wolf Pelt (+10 Def, +15 Res)
Timber: Strong Oak (+20 Str, +50 Mag, 3 Materia)
Metal: Gold (+100 Def, -50 Res, -5 Spd, 4 Materia)

You would get this:
Golden Wolf Mask (+20 Str, +110 Def, +50 Mag, -35 Res, -5 Spd, 7 Materia)

So check the list of loot and see what combinations you might like to create. Mind you, after you've created it you still have to pay for it. It's price is calculated like so:
(10 munny * |Defense| + 20 Munny * |Resistance| + 500 Munny * # of Materia Slots + 250 Munny Creation Fee + 15 Munny * |Total of Str+Mag boost|) {For instance, that Golden Wolf Mask would cost 6600 Munny}
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Custom Orders
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